CBD Cycles 1 at 50 Bourke Street has reopened!!
Come on down and check out our completed renovations and new store layout.

Although this big piece of work is now finished, we are not stopping there. A NEW WEBSITE IS ONLY 10 DAYS AWAY!!

Many of you regular CBD website visitors would have noticed a lack of news since Port Mac.. unfortunately our current news system has slowed to a halt, but a brand new design is on the way to fix it all up!

In the meantime, make sure you enter our annual Le Tour Tipping Competition for your chance to win some awesome prizes, and show how well you know who's in form at Le Tour this year!

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Anth and the team

Posted: 21/06/2010


CBD Cycles first shop at 50 Bourke Street is Closed for Renovations

We are closed from Saturday 5th June and reopen Monday 21st June.

CBD Cycles 2, located at 660 Bourke St (in between Spencer and King Streets) will remain open during this time and we are chocked to the rafters with specials. If you've never been to our "other" cbd location why don't you come on in and say hello and maybe help us clear some of our excess stock!

The hours it will open are
Mon-Fri 9am to 5:30pm
Saturday 10am to 3pm
Sunday closed


We are offering free pick-up and drop-off for any repairs during the renovations in the cbd area.

Any queries give us a call on 9642-8766

Posted: 08/06/2010


The Petition for a No Stopping Zone on Beach Road Is up and Running!
Michael Forbes


As some of you would be aware, I have spoken at a couple of council meetings to try to assist with getting a no stopping zone on Beach Rd in the Bayside council area. Currently, attempts by many people have failed, but voting by councillors is currently split 3-3. In order to try to sway this, we need to convince 1 councillor to vote for the no stopping zone.

Please find attached the petition to be sent to Bayside Council relating to a request to implement a no stopping zone on Beach Road from 6am -10am Saturday and Sunday. This is where I need your help.

In as little as three weeks the council will be meeting again on this issue and I would like to present a petition with thousands of signatures to sway the councillors voting against the no stopping zone with the power of democracy. I am calling on you to assist in whatever way you can with your own contacts – particularly in Bayside council area - to get them to sign the petition or (better still) to download a copy of the petition, fill it out with valid signatures and send them back to me. The details of how to do this is on the website. As an example, take along the petition to the next group ride or coffee. If you head to your local bike shop, take a couple of copies, ask them to get signatures and send them back too.

Although cyclist users of Beach Rd are an important component, we need to work really hard to get Bayside residents (cyclists and otherwise) to support the idea that the no stopping zone will assist with traffic flow on Beach Rd, and with changes to beachside parking will have no impact to beachside and retail access.

For those of you with websites, please feel free to create a link to my website to allow others to read of the petition aims and download copies. Here is the link: http://www.michaelforbes.org/cycle-safety/



View and print the petition here

Posted: 20/04/2010


Giant Anthem X0 2009
CBD Cycles sponsored rider bike (full specs)

Giant Anthem X0 2009

Was $6899 Now $2500!!
Call Anth, Dave or George on 9639 2299 for more details!

Posted: 12/04/2010


More Results and Wrap Up!

A few results slipped us by, and they were absolute beauties - congratulations Mark Ariens and Stephen Cogan...

68Mark Ariens9:12:51M40-441st (14th Overall)
310Stephen Cogan10:03:56M45-493rd

Even more great news rolls in with Allan Moustoukas also going to Hawaii!!!

Tri-Alliance have also posted a final Gatorade Tri Series Race Report after an amazing summer on the racing circuit.

Tri Alliance

Posted: 06/04/2010

Ironman Australia 2010

Thanks to all the CBD crew and friends who represented so well at the Urban Hotel Group Ironman Australia Triathlon.

Special mention to Amelia Pearson for coming 3rd in the Female Pro Category.

AND a big thanks to Ricky Jeffs for "bringing it" to IM Aus.

Further stunning performances are:

  • Anna Francis finishing 2nd in F30-34 - having taken OVER 20 minutes off her 2009 time!!
  • Rob Hill claiming Age Group Champion status with a WIN in M45-49!!
  • Along with Anna and Rob - Mark Ariens is also Hawaii bound!! Mark won the M40-44 Category in 9:12:51!
  • David Meade raced strongly to finish 8th in the Male Pro Category!!
  • Three of the Top Ten OVERALL Females were Amelia Pearson (3rd), Anna Francis (9th) and Kristy "KK" Hallett (10th)!!!
  • Kristy Hallett also finished second in her Age Group!!
  • Lyndall Hillbrich took just over 50mins off her 2009 time - while Allan Moustoukas took just under 50mins off his 2009 time!! Amazing race guys!
  • The Official Link to the Full Ironman Australia Results is here.

As always it was hectic out there and I may have missed recording your times. Please e-mail me to add you to the list - cheers, Anth.

PHOTOS HERE thanks to the sensational photography of Mark Mathews, who flew up on the Saturday and returned before work on Monday!

13David Meade8:56:14MPro8th
501Scott Foreman9:31:29M40-446th
34Amelia Pearson9:46:09FPro3rd
257Erin Carozzi9:50:42M35-3923rd
643Rob Hill9:52:04M45-491st
841Sean Lynch10:04:35M40-4416th
370David Cutajar10:04:55M35-3933rd
1449Travis Wayth10:09:58M40-4420th
978Allan Moustoukas10:15:50M50-544th
439Richard Eastwood10:28:29M45-4919th
511Anna Francis10:28:42F30-342nd
593Kristy Hallett10:30:20F35-392nd
1034Emma ONeill10:38:02F25-291st
549Ralph Glatz10:38:39M40-4434th
1263George Skoufis10:39:17M25-2934th
552Stephen Glowrey10:40:39M30-3452nd
609Mark Harrison10:41:07M35-3969th
119Michael Begg10:52:50M35-3986th
1031Brett ONeill11:06:04M50-5412th
645Lyndall Hillbrich11:06:18F30-344th
1440Mark Watkin11:07:06M35-39100th
640Brett Hill11:17:44M30-3483rd
1431Nathan Walsh11:35:29M30-34101st
581Rob Grummitt11:42:22M30-34108th
1289Justin Sparks11:44:29M40-44105th
1137Daniel Rake11:48:18M35-39150th
481Antonio Felesina11:51:11M40-44117th
393Sarah De Wolf11:52:05F40-4410th
204Colin Brown11:53:43M45-4977th
57Karen Anderson11:55:41F35-3915th
1116Frank Preiato11:57:33M45-4978th
910Alistair McIntosh11:58:45M30-34121st
228David Burns12:01:02M40-44129th
1046Jason Page12:04:48M40-44132nd
579Romain Groleau12:07:49M30-34130th
766Rad Kotowski12:11:39M30-34134th
479Michael Fawcett12:12:30M45-4986th
186Russell Brenner12:17:09M25-2983rd
1069Joseph Pearson12:33:50M30-34145th
615Andrew Hartnett12:35:52M35-39197th
651Ben Holmes12:53:08M30-34155th
55Christophe Amoussou13:00:01M35-39213rd
590Nick Haigh13:05:49M30-34160th
313Phil Coles13:06:15M50-5458th
728David Kaye13:24:48M50-5468th
1055Joanne Parlevliet13:24:48F40-4422nd
1337Cheryl Symons13:32:59F40-4424th
122Wayne Belcher13:37:28M50-5471st
950Janet Miller14:08:27F50-545th
663Simon Howe14:33:12M35-39256th
917Karla McKinlay15:40:52F60-642nd
1033Susie ONeill16:14:00F50-5413th

Posted: 01/04/2010

Ironman Oz 2010

Ironman Australia has been won for the fourth time by Patrick Vernay!!! Coming out of the water in the lead group, Patrick rode strongly and returned after 180km still in the front bunch, then heading onto the run he never looked back! Click here to view his split times for the whole race.

In the women's field Carrie Lester came home first - view split times here.

Similarly, you can see the split times for CBD Cycles staff David and George!

David Kaye - full swim, ride and run splits here

George Skoufis - full swim, ride and run splits here

Live Webcam of the Finish Line.

Posted: 28/03/2010

Ironman Australia Swim Area

Ironman Oz 2010
Less than 20hrs to go!!

Sunday 28 March 2010

It's going to be a lot darker on Sunday morning when the 1500+ competitors don their wettys and head down to the startline - but here's a pic of the clear glassy water, destined at 6:45am Sunday to become a washing machine!!

With only 1 sleep to go, this short article on the 25th Anniversary of Ironman Australia is a must-read for all!!

As the day draws nearer, the atmosphere in Port Macquarie is intensifying, and has been reported as the best ever!

We wish every CBD Cycles, Melbourne Tri Club, Fluid Movements, Tri-Alliance, Tri Response Group, and ALL our friends the very best final preparations and race day!!!

The daily line-up for Saturday and Sunday is as follows:

Ironman Australia 2010 - Weekend Schedule

Posted: 27/03/2010

The CBD Cycles Shop at the Ironman Expo Very Experienced Ironman and CBD Cycles Store Manager David Kaye receives his MTC Ironman T-shirt!

ON THE LEFT - the CBD Cycles Shop is up and cranking at the Ironman Expo, with former Duathlon World Champion and CBD Cycles sponsored triathlete Leon Griffin dropping in for a chat with DK.

ON THE RIGHT - Davy receives his 2010 MTC Ironman Australia T-shirt - listing all the Melbourne Tri Club athletes competing this Sunday - including himself! GO DAVE!!! We wish you all the best from Melbourne!

BELOW - are shots of the transition area, bike finish, Antho, and more!!  (Click on ANY pic to enlarge)

Transition Area Shimano banners line the Bike Finish A longer view of the Bike Finish Entry to the Ironman Expo Bike tuning Antho's Wheels - la bella bicicletta rosa with TT helmet! Looking out towards the Swim Course Meeting for a spin and some course reconnaisance! Meeting for a spin and some course reconnaisance - Coach Foz has a chat Meeting for a spin and some course reconnaisance - Hi Rad, good luck mate!!


Posted: 26/03/2010


Sunny Day, Sweepin' the Clouds Away!!

Ironman Oz Ironman Oz


The above picture will be very sweet to all competing at Port Mac this year - "Weather here is perfect about 27 and no wind! Beautiful!"

The forecast is looking sensational and the above photo was taken just yesterday by MTC member Kel, who has headed up North to support the gang!

A stark contrast to last year!

In 2009 it rained and rained and RAINED in the days leading up to the Australian Ironman Championships.

All those that were present, both racing and spectating, had to negotiate a transition area full of water that rose right up to cover people's calf muscles!!


Posted: 25/03/2010

Ironman Oz 2010

Thanks to firstoffthebike.com!!!

Posted: 24/03/2010


Ironman China 2010

A big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to all the CBD Cycles athletes and friends who competed in Ironman China!

Two race reports are already in - with Tim Beardall racing on bravely despite stomach trouble (and still winning his age group, and qualifying for Kona!), as well as an amazing performance and WIN by David Bentley who after a thorough preparation went out and delivered a very satisfying race and result!

David B told us we could edit his report down - but with a race like that, only a full report is worthy.

For Tim Beardall's report and pic click here.
For David Bentley's report and pics click here

Posted: 23/03/2010

Ironman Oz 2010

As the Gatorade Tri Series came to a close after another huge Summer - the spotlight now shines to the 2010 Australian Ironman Championships!!

All those set to compete begin to finalise their important preparations for the big day, with many jumping on planes, and into cars over the next 3-4 days making their way up' the coast.

At CBD Cycles we want to bring you the excitement of this week - and endeavour to 'take' you there over the next 7 days.

Keep your eyes right here for regular updates as we show you around and share the experience that is Ironman Oz!!!

Posted: 22/03/2010


Tri-Alliance Tips
The Triathlon Season is nearing a finish - what am I going to do?!

You will be in either one of two places.

  1. You have been training and racing for 11 months of the year and you are HANGING out for the last race so you can have a break from training and racing.

  2. You are new to the sport of Triathlon and have just realised you are hooked – but the season is now coming to an end!

In this article, we’ll help you cope in either situation.

Posted: 17/03/2010

Holly Aitken takes out Oceania's!!
Holly Aitken

Hi again Dave and Anthony,

On the weekend we had the Oceania Championships (ITU Junior U/19) held at Wellington, New Zealand - where it did live up to it's reputation to be very windy and cold! I ended up having another solid race taking a comfortable first place.

Read the Official Race Report HERE!

Just keeping you up to date and again to thank you for your much appreciated input to my success :)

Thanks again!

Posted: 16/03/2010

Shimano and FSA Crank Sale - March 2010

Posted: 28/02/2010

100km Otway Odyssey MTB Marathon 2010

Otway Odyssey 100km MTB Marathon
20th Feb 2010

The day started off at 5am with 3 sleepy eyed guys looking at each other, there was no need for an exchanging word, and we shook our heads as we ate breakfast.

100km Otway Odyssey MTB Marathon 2010

As 06:30 came around so did the smiles as everyone's nerves started to niggle as we and the girls ran around making last minute arrangements for the race. The weather forecast was for a top of 33 with northerly winds. This made the first 25km’s of the race interesting as the winds pounded competitors head on, throwing up dust as we struggled up the first 9km climb of 350m assent followed by a further 490m assent.

Our race plan was pretty simple, tempo, eat and drink. As it was Hayden’s first 100km race he felt a bit uneased starting so for back in the pack but had placed all his faith in his older brother, Grant, who had raced a number of MTB marathons and true to Grant’s word as the race went on we passed over 600 competitors.

100km Otway Odyssey MTB Marathon 2010

The heat took it toll on everyone with many riders struggling with cramps and over 200 riders pulling out of the race. Grant had pulled away from Hayden at the 55km mark as he struggled with cramping. Grant gained almost 6mins over the next 20km and caught up to CBD's Paul Randell before he ran out of water. Grant rode the next 30mins without water before reaching the feed zone however the damage seemed to be done.

With Grant and Paul also struggling from cramps, Paul dug deep and climbed the last 13km in a very respectable time putting some 5mins back between him and Grant. Hayden gained back 2 mins after also running out of water in the last 15km loop. A great result with three CBD riders in the top 50 of the 900 strong field with all the big MTB riders taking part.
For full results click here

Posted: 25/02/2010

Congratulations Holly Aitken!!

Hi Anthony and Dave,

On the weekend I competed in the Australian Championships (ITU Junior U/19) held at Sandringham. As a runner up in this event for the past two years, I was very pleased to come away with a strong win on Sunday. Consequently I have secured one of the three spots available for the Australian Junior Elite Team to compete in the Triathlon World Championships in Budapest this September.

Triathlon Australia Race Report

I particularly wish to acknowledge your support.

Thank you so much for your generosity as with the bikes, gear and ongoing support (which is immeasurable and directly tied to every success of any member of the VIS triathlon program) you are helping assist me in achieving my goals. I look forward to continuing this relationship.

Thanks again!
Holly Aitken

Holly Aitken - Australian Champion

Posted: 23/02/2010

Tri-Alliance Portarlington 2010

Tri Alliance Race Report - Race 5 Portarlington
Gatorade Triathlon / Brooks Fun Tri Series

Sunday 14 February 2010

Almost perfect weather conditions greeted us for Race 5 of the Gatorade and Brooks Fun Tri Series. Nice and cool, overcast and still calm water in the bay (free of jellies too!). Tri Alliance had approximately 50 athletes make the journey down the highway which is a fantastic effort and shows the commitment that we have in the squad.

The day started with the Brooks Fun Tri where we again had some very good results. The lack of room and slight hill at the mount and dismount line made for a very eventful morning where a number of athletes lost control of their bikes.

Tri-Alliance Portarlington 2010

Berit Barton continued her great form for the summer though as she finished a strong second place in her category. We also had a number of first time athletes who we officially welcome to the club, being Carly Laughton, Sabine Benthien, Michelle Donnison and Emma Baston. Well done girls and we hope you enjoyed your first experience!!

In the Gatorade race, we had some more very good results. The distances in Portarlington are longer than the normal sprint races and it is a more challenging course as well. The wind had picked up a bit around the back end of the bike course, making it an even tougher morning for all. Sarah "Rocket" Grove put in another big race to finish second in her category, and fastest Tri Alliance athlete overall; this also includes the fastest female bike split for the day, even beating the elite bike times!   Read more...

Posted: 22/02/2010


A much more successful day at Tas Champs

Amelia Pearson

I had a much more successful day at the Tasmanian Olympic Distance Championships and round 3 of the state series on Sunday. It was a wet day on a challenging course but I felt strong, fast and didn't experience any technical difficulties. I finished the 1500m swim, 40km cycle and 10km run in a touch over 2 hours and 14 minutes as first female and 10th overall.

I was also notified yesterday that I am a finalist in the
TIS Tasmanian Sports Awards, Tasmania's most prestigious sports awards, which will be announced on Friday 12th March.

Training for Ironman Australia (Port Mac) is going well and the next three weeks will be long and hard in the build up to my main race for the season.

Kind Regards,

Amelia Pearson

Posted: 20/02/2010


Ironman Oz 70.3 - Geelong - Proudly supported by CBD CyclesCONGRATULATIONS LEON GRIFFIN!!

On an amazing 2nd place at the Geelong Half Ironman on February 7th - finishing just over 1min behind Kona Champion Craig 'Crowey' Alexander.

It was a great performance from Griff, especially after winning Gatorade Elwood the weekend before!

Fluid Movements Fluid Movements and Melbourne Triathlon Club had tons of athletes competing, with quite a few in the top 6 of their categories:

  • Suzanne Alway - 1st - GREAT WORK SUZE!!
  • Jacinta Collier - 1st - ON TRACK FOR PORT JAC
  • Karla McKinlay - 1st - WELL DONE KARLA!
  • PowerBar Girls - 1st Teams Female - GREAT RIDE INGRID!!
  • Kristy Hallett - 2nd - ANOTHER PB!
  • Slick Moves - 2nd Teams Male - A GREAT RUN HOME CAM
  • Sean Foster - 4th - SOLID - 8 WEEKS TO THE BIG RACE
  • Georgie Camakaris - 5th - NOW ONTO PORT MAC
  • Stephen Lane - 6th - Awesome job mate

Click the image below for GALLERY...


Tri Alliance were also heavily represented and had a great cheer squad lining the course!

A big congratulations to Brett Miller, Nick Sissons, Jono Tucker, Rob Grummit, Brendan Cullen, Cameron Pegg, Paul Seddon, Kevin Fountain, Daniel Palmer, Tracey Curran, Paul Cassie, Richard Oliver, Greg Nugent, Dale Beehre, Stan Asimopoulos and Rohan Belmore.

As well as the teams Tri Alliance HDFU, Tri Alliance Ironmaidens and Tri Alliance Foxes!!

Tri Alliance

Posted: 18/02/2010


State Series 6 hour Enduro - Round 1 You Yangs. 4th solo male.

Enduro 6 Hour - Round 1 - You Yangs - Andrew Downie
Enduro 6 Hour - Round 1 - You Yangs - Andrew Downie

This was my first time on the flat section of the You Yangs, and I couldn’t believe how flat and fast it was. The course was an 11km loop of winding singletrack with some technical jumps and sandy corners. The most difficult aspect of the race was being unable to get out of the same, hunched position because of the nature of the course. My back needed a good stretch by the 4h mark, but I denied it the luxury! Anyway, I hit the gas from the start and kept it going and ended up 4th overall in solo male.

Big thanks to Dave, Anth and the crew at CBD Cycles and to Tim and Stephen Rowe (http://mtb-images.com.au/) for the images.


Posted: 16/02/2010


Epic Camp-Length of New Zealand-Rob Hill Epic Camp Wrap
- Rob Hill

Hi guys @ CBD Cycles,

I’m back from a thing called ‘Epic Camp – Length of New Zealand’ which is best explained as 27kms of open water and pool swimming, 2350kms of biking from the tip of the Nth Island to the bottom of the Sth Island, along with 107kms of running over 15 days – a total of 100 hours of training.

I was rapt to find that as we progressed into the second week of the trip I was getting fitter, stronger and holding together emotionally ok too. It shows what happens when you take care of yourself, get enough sleep, eat twice as much as you would during a normal day’s IM prep training, and importantly have everything laid on for you including masseurs, cooks and even a nightly laundry service!

A film crew followed us for the whole 2 weeks who are making a documentary to show on NZ TV – never thought I’d be a Reality TV star! To show you how small a country it is, we even made the prime time news one night...

Epic Camp-Length of New Zealand-Rob Hill

The Cervelo R3 was the perfect machine for the trip, handling the ultra steep NZ hills, the rough chip seal roads and the 50kph pace lines with ease. Got a heap of Powertap data as well which I’ll be analyzing when I get the chance – need to back off the training a bit now anyway!

Next up will be the Oz sprint champs. I’m certain the 15 days straight of 7hrs a day training will be the perfect lead up to a sizzling 750/20/5 (-;

(and if not I always have Port Mac IM as a Plan B . . .)


Posted: 11/02/2010

CBD Cycles Geelong 70.3
Sean Foster - 4th M35-39!

Hey Antho,

Had a bit of a go at Geelong on the weekend. Good test to see where things are at for Port Mac next month. Good swim, came out with the first swim bunch and some other CBD boys, Andrew Carey, Mark Ariens and the usual suspects.

Solid bike leg, some big packs, so there was a bit of a surging pace, which tends to tucker the legs a bit for the run. But all in all, the bike felt good and the Giant TT was humming along.

Run was ok, bit of a battle, but stuck it to myself as best i could. Beaten in a sprint finish for 3rd. Good training though mate, and am taking alot away to work on over the next month and a half.

CBD Cycles

Our team (MTC/Fluid Movements) faired pretty well, with 4 age wins,
2 seconds
and a few top 5's.

Thanks again for your great support and bike service

Sean 'Fozzy' Foster

11 years with CBD Cycles and counting

Posted: 09/02/2010


I'm really concerned . . .

Dear anthony,

I'm really concerned.

I've beaten cancer three times, and each time it was a fight. But I can write to you today as a survivor because my doctors caught the disease early.

I know firsthand, as many of you do, that an early diagnosis is often the difference between life and death. It's so simple, but everywhere I go I hear that people don't learn about their risks—because they're busy, because they're scared or because they just forget.

How many lives could be saved with a quick reminder—from someone we trust—urging us to make a simple appointment? Today—with your help—we're about to find out.


Why today?

February 4 is World Cancer Day—a global day of awareness created by the International Union Against Cancer. With cancer set to become the #1 killer in the world this year, the day brings us together to highlight the growing personal and economic impact of the disease. On this day it's critical that each organization—and each individual—share responsibility for sending a powerful message about cancer prevention.

Can I really make a difference?

Studies show that encouragement from someone close to you—your mum, your best friend, your co-worker in the next office—can have a decisive impact on your decision to take important actions for your health.

You could be the best advocate for your friends and family... if you're willing to take two minutes and nudge them to a quick step to protect their health.


I can't emphasize enough how important this simple action is—it's up to us to push everyone we know to talk to their doctors, know their risks and know what to do about it. It's so easy to do, but also so easy to forget. The LIVESTRONG community has always inspired others to fight back against cancer. World Cancer Day is no exception:



Doug Ulman and the LIVESTRONG Action team

P.S. Check out the tools and resources our partner, livestrong.com, has developed to help you prevent cancer and live a healthier lifestyle.

Posted: 04/02/2010

CBD Cycles Gatorade Race 4 Elwood
Sean Foster - 2nd M35-39!

Hi anth,

Had a great hit out at Gatorade Elwood yesterday.

I was never the best of sprinters, but now i am turning 40 this year, its even harder to getup for a sprint race when not fully fit.

Came in second on a hot windy day in 35-39M. Will take some solos that i was one of the oldest dogs in that age yesterday.

Good thing is, just entered Geelong 70.3 and Port Mac as a 40-44age athlete! Hooray.

Thanks to you, Dave and the CBD team for your continued support of me and the FM squad. Love my trusty Giant TT Trinity.

I will keep you posted on how things go. Will take a Hawaii spot if lucky enough to get one.


Posted: 01/02/2010


2010 Bogong to Hotham

Mt Bogong to Mt Hotham
64km Ultra Marathon
- Del and Stew

On Sunday, January 10th - the 25th Bogong to Hotham 'rooftop run' was held with 107 starters, 48 of whom made it to the finish.

One of these was our friend Del, pictured here in action, who sent through a FULL REPORT on the Ultra Marathon - well done Del and Stew!

Posted: 28/01/2010

Splash n Dash Splash n Dash - Sean Smee

Splash n Dash - Results

With two races in the current Splash 'n Dash aquathon series a clear leader has emerged in the mens competition, but with different winners on the womens side making for an open competition.

The Wednesday night staging is suiting the competing athletes well, and with both races held in good conditions.

Click here for Race 1 and 2 Reports...

Posted: 16/01/2010

IRONMAN WA, Busselton - Thank You - Jason Sim CBD Cycles - Ironman WA 09 - Jason Sim

Hi Anthony,

I am back at work and thankfully Busso IM is a distant memory!
(Port will be my revenge!)

While my race certainly didn't go to plan I have to thank you for the amazing support you gave me over there. I could not possibly sing your praises any louder, I have told absolutely everyone about you and the team.

Ironman is not an easy sport and help is always appreciated, your experience and re-assurance was invaluable.

CBD Cycles - Ironman WA 09 - Jason Sim

I have no doubt or question as to why CBD Cycles has been so successful for so many years.

Wearing the CBD gear makes you feel part of the family, the signs by the road, support from the crowd, photographer etc.., it truly made the
IMWA experience the best it could possibly be.

If you are ever in the market for a vehicle let me know, I only hope I can extend to you the generosity and support that you have given me.

Thanks again!

CBD Cycles - Ironman WA 09 - Jason Sim

Kindest regards,

Jason Sim
General Manager
Symes Motors Bendigo

Posted: 02/01/2010