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S5 ....simply smooth!
CBD Cycles - 26/02/2015
Cervelo has updated its S5 aero road bike for 2015, with 31 improvements over the old Cervelo S5 VWD model. These are tastier than Baskin and Robins 31 flavors of ice cream. They include an increase in stiffness at the bottom bracket area of 35 per cent – making it nearly as stiff as the R-series – and a claimed saving of 21.3 watts at 40km p... read more

Giant Future
CBD Cycles - 24/02/2015
Australian Triathlon’s generation next, led by Giant Team members Jacob Birtwhistle and Jaz Hedgeland came of age in Devonport today. Birtwhistle, 20 and Hedgeland 19, broke through to win their first major senior titles when they scored convincing wins in the Oceania and Australian Elite Championships in ideal conditions to celebrate the 30th... read more

Aero a go go
CBD Cycles - 22/02/2015
AERODYNAMICS Aero drag is 80-90% of the overall resistance affecting a rider. Only on climbs steeper than 5% does weight become more important than drag for the average rider. HOW IMPORTANT IS AERODYNAMIC DRAG? Aero drag is 80-90% of the overall resistance affecting a rider. Roughly 80% of this aero drag is the rider, the remainder is the bike... read more

R2 makes Financial sense
CBD Cycles - 20/02/2015
Trickle-down technology flat out works. This $2,900 bike uses aerodynamic, Squoval 3 tubes that were introduced on Cervélo's $10,000 RCA frame in 2013. This version of Squoval—a combination of square and oval—has a rounded leading edge to channel airflow around the tube, and a blunt trailing edge that causes the air coming off the tubes t... read more

Judy's Day.
CBD Cycles - 17/02/2015
Judy Somes is exactly the type of athlete CBD Cycles loves to be involved with. A working mum who manages to balance family and training with outstanding results and grit and determination to get the most out of life. A great role model for Carrie and Charlie and all those who embrace making the most of there opportunity's. Cheers Judy and hap... read more

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